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Volume of bilateral trade between Thailand and Canada in 2011 valued 2,777.25 million USD and in 2012 valued 2,518.70 million USD with Thailand exports value of 1,582.95 million USD and imports value of 936.23 million USD. Leading exports from Thailand include canned seafood products, mobile telephone parts, rubber, rice, frozen shrimps and prawns, canned friuts, while top imports from Canada include fertilizers, gold, pulp and papers, integrated circuits, metal, machinery 

Merchandise Imports from Canada to Thailand in 2013 (Million Dollar)

1. Fertilizer and Pesticides                      122.62

2. Pulp of Wood/West and Scrap            105.78

3. Agri-Products                                           98

4. Precious Stones/Silver and Gold         80.2

5. Electrical Circuits                                     71.8

6. Machinery and Mechanical Appliances                52.5

7. Base Metal                                                38.5

8. Electrical Machinery                                 34

9. Chemical Product                                     29

10. Medical Instrument                                19.5

Merchandise Imports from Canada to Thailand in 2013 (Million Dollar)

1. Canned Seafood/Prepared Food Stuffs         201.7

2. Rice                                                                        74.17

3. Natural Rubber                                                    60

4. Frozen Shrimp                                                     50.2

5. Canned Fruits                                                      44.9

6. Jewelry and Accessories                                  44.58

7. Electrical Equipment                                           44.5

8. Cloth and Apparels                                              44

9. Rubber Material                                                   41.6

10. Computer and Appliances                              39.1


Customs Tariff of Thailand
Customs Tariff of Canada
Import and Export Statistics (Thailand-Canada)

In addtion, during Prime Minister Stephen Harper`s visit to Thailand in March 2012, Prime Minister of the two countries announced that Thailand and Canada would start exploratory talks toward a free trade agreement. In January 2013, the two delegates met in Washington DC. preluding exploratory talks toward a free trade agreement .  In August 26,2013, the representative from Chulalongkorn University met with representative of Trade Negotiations Bureau, DFATD exchanging ideas on Thailand`s ecomic study.

The growing presence of foreign investment in Thailand, including from Canada, is testament to the importance of Thailand as a regional hub and gateway to ASEAN. One sector to have reaped benefits from Canadian Investment is the financial sector, where Scotia Bank holds a 49% stake in Thanachart Bank. Also, the establishment of the Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) in 2012 would bring closer in term of trade and investment.

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