Flavour of Thai: Thai Culinary Master Class

Flavour of Thai: Thai Culinary Master Class

Ambassador Kallayana Vipattipumiprates attended the ASEAN Committee in Ottawa (ACO) meeting

His Excellency Kallayana Vipattipumiprates, Ambassador of Thailand to Canada, along with Embassy’s officials and Thai residents in Ontario, attended The Kathina ceremony at Tisarana Buddhist Monastery in Perth, Ontario on October 31st, 2021

Cook Along at The Thai Ambassador’s Residence in Ottawa EP 5 : Klauy Buat Chee (Banana in Coconut Milk) and Nam Bai Toey (Pandan Juice)

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Announcement of the Royal Thai Embassy, Ottawa - Consular Services Fees

1 Sep 2022

The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) is accepting enrollment and scholarship applications for the Doctor of Philosophy Program in Governance and Development

3 Jun 2022

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), an international, non-profit, autonomous, postgraduate institution of higher learning based in Thailand, invites applications and nominations for the post of President

2 May 2022

Entry Measures into Thailand by Air travel (Updated July 1, 2022)

26 Apr 2022

Announcement of the Royal Thai Embassy, Ottawa: Job opening for a locally-recruited staff for the position of Embassy Driver

26 Jan 2022

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