Officials and staff at the Royal Thai Embassy

Officials and staff at the Royal Thai Embassy

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  • Mr. Kallayana Vipattipumiprates  


  • Mr. Thanapol Wang-Om-Klang

                 Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission

  • Mrs. Pachara Lochindaratana Janes


  • Ms. Thitiporn Chuchinnawat

  • Ms. Juthapat Bharnthong

          First Secretary 
  • Mrs. Sununta Ruankaeo

 Second Secretary 




  • Mrs. Patcharin Caza

             Administrative Assistant (Passport and Legalization)

  • Ms. Suree Roschan

Administrative Assistant (Visa)

  • Mr. Thapanee Deesakul 

Clerk (Consular Section) 

  • Ms. Jintana Hanthaisong


  • Ms. Atcharaporn Paopeng

Administrative Assistant (Administrative and Communication)

  • Ms. Kanokwan Nuanta

Administrative Assistant (Protocol) and Secretary

  • Mrs. Sakorn Gatamma

Office Custodian

  • Mr. Andrew Holmes

Embassy Driver

  • Mr. Chongfarr Chao

Embassy Driver

  • Mr. Kevin Daniel Callahan

Embassy Driver