Non-Immigrant Visa Category “O-A”/“O-X” (Long Stay)

Non-Immigrant Visa Category “O-A”/“O-X” (Long Stay)

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Non-Immigrant Visa Category “O-A”/“O-X” (Long Stay)


While travel restrictions to the Kingdom of Thailand are still in place,
holders of a valid non-immigrant visa category “O-A”/“O-X” from
Canada (not including dependants) are now eligible to enter Thailand
but must obtain required documents prior to their travel as follows:

     • For holders of a valid non-immigrant visa category “O-A”/“O-X”
(not including dependants), please visit our website to find out
how you can enter Thailand with your visa at (under “Embassy’s Announcement”
>> “Thailand Visa and COE”)

     • For applicants for a non-immigrant visa category “O-A” /“O-X”,
please check your eligibility and the application process on
our website at (under “Embassy’s
Announcement” >> “Thailand Visa and COE”)

     • For further inquiries regarding this visa category, please contact us
by e-mail at [email protected] Due to the current COVID-19
pandemic and in accordance with the latest local health restrictions,
visa applications will be accepted by mail ONLY

Please note that travellers from Canada are currently not eligible to
apply for the Special Tourist Visa (“STV”) to enter Thailand.
APEC card holders from Canada and those with a valid tourist visa
(“TR”) are still not permitted to enter Thailand. Please check our
website regularly for any further updates.