Canadian Passport Holders

Canadian Passport Holders

8 Jul 2020

Canadian passport holders with at least 6 months validity remaining on the passport and a confirmed airline ticket out of Thailand (proof of leaving within 30 days) do not need a visa for visiting Thailand up to 30 days for tourism purposes.

If the duration of arrival and departure to Thailand on your confirm return airline ticket is more than 30 days even though you plan to stay in Thailand not more than 30 days, you need to apply for tourist visa.

Those entering Thailand overland from neighboring countries for tourism purposes may stay up to 15 days.

Important Note: When applying for a visa, the applicant will be issued with a type of visa in accordance to his or her purpose of visit. Travellers who wish to stay longer than such period may apply for extension of stay at offices of the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok. Please visit Thai Immigration website.