8 Jul 2020

                   By the Order of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Thailand dated 1st February B.E. 2561 (2018), a new type of long stay visa called “SMART Visa” came into effect on 1st February 2018. Details are as follows:

          1.  SMART Visa is the initiative of the Royal Thai Government aiming at encouraging highly-skilled professionals and talents to work or invest in the 10 targeted industries, namely (1) next-generation automotive (2) smart electronics (3) affluent, medical and wellness tourism (4) agriculture and biotechnology (5) food for the future (6) robotics (7) aviation and logistics (8) biofuels and biochemicals (9) digital and (10) medical hub.

          2.  Five categories of SMART Visa are (1) Talent (2) Investor (3) Executive (4) Startup and (5) Others i.e. legal dependents such as spouse and children.   

          3.  Followings are benefits and privileges provided by the SMART Visa:

                3.1    Visa validity up to 4 years (instead of the usual 1 year)

                3.2    No requirement of work permit

                3.3    Extension of reporting of stay to Immigration Bureau – from every 90-day to every year

                3.4    The right of legal dependents (spouse and children who are older than 18 years old) of SMART Visa holder to live and work in Thailand equivalent to Smart Visa Holder (this benefit is applicable only to the holder of SMART Visa Type “T” only)

          For more information on the benefit and requirement as well as required documents, please visit SMART VISA UNIT One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit (OSS) click here SMART Visa.

          4.  Visa Fee: 

                4.1    400 CAD for 1 year,

                4.2    800 CAD for 2 years,

                4.3    1,200 CAD for 3 years,

                4.4    1,600 CAD for 4 years.

            For more information on this type of visa, please contact the Consular Section, the Royal Thai Embassy at +1 613 722 4444 or by e-mail at