Science and Technology

Science and Technology

24 Mar 2020

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Thailand has competitive advantage in the biotechnology sector due to its position as one of the world's leading agricultural countries, and one of the top five food exporters. With the nation's abundance of bio-diversity, cutting edge science and technology parks, highly trained technicians, and strict intellectual property law enforcement, the biotech sector is ripe for investment. Currently, Thailand is home to 165 biotechnology firms, including Purac, Betagro, Greater Pharma Manufacturing, Novartis, Maine Biotechnology, and East West Seed etc.

Office of Science and Technology (OSTC) at the Royal Thai Embassy, Washington DC accredited to Canada.

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National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

NSTDA is a major research organization in Thailand, aiming to drive the Thai society towards knowledge-based economy/society.   We have been instrumental in the past two decades in landscaping the innovation system in Thailand through many mechanisms, including the legislations which created the Ministry of ICT, the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Office, and a few other research institutions.


The Royal Thai Embassy in Ottawa has appointed, since December 2013, Dr. Supanai Sookmark to be coordinator on Science, Technology and Innovation. She can be contacted at

Her task is to monitor, analyse, connect, coordinate and follow up Embassy's various activities on Science, Technology and Innovation between research institutes, universities and grant giving agencies in Canada and Thailand counterparts. Please follow her reports in her column on Science, Technology and Innovation of this homepage.

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